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Caribbean is the region which consists of the Caribbean Sea and the region is located south east to the gulf of Mexico and also to the North America main land and to the east of central American and also to the north of south America. Caribbean will be the best place for the elopement wedding and because of this many people look for the best packages in Caribbean for their elopement marriage

St. Croix:

cSteve-Simonsen_SeaborneSeaplane_StCroix_lowSt. Croix gives the perfect environment for the couples who are about to have their elopement marriage there. There are many packages offered for the couples who are about to have their ceremony in St. Croix. Some of the packages are

Our signature elopes:

The features which are included in this package are

  • Services of the ceremony
  • Ceremony with the service coordinator
  • Marriage license application and fee
  • Round trip to court house and personal escort to the court
  • Two witnesses for $ 75
  • Choice of the wedding officiant
  • On site wedding hostess
  • Signature celebrations with tables, linens,  fresh local flowers, and decorated accents
  • Chilled champagne
  • Keepsake champagne flutes
  • Wedding cake with local fresh flowers
  • Professional photographer to take photos for 1 hour during the ceremony
  • Rate of the package is $  1750

Caribbean breeze:

The features of this package are

  • DSC_7460-1Service of the wedding coordinator till the end of the ceremony
  • Choice of the location for the ceremony
  • Marriage license applications and fee
  • Round trip cart house transfer
  • Two witnesses for $ 75
  • Choice of wedding cake
  • On site wedding hostess
  • Bride bouquet
  • Groom boutonniere
  • Rate of this package is $ 1150

Simply sweet:

This package has features like

  • Wedding officiant of couples choice
  • Two witnesses for $ 75
  • Round trip to cart house
  • Marriage license application and fee
  • Choice of location for the ceremony
  • Wedding coordinator till the end of the ceremony
  • Rate of the package is $ 800

Virgin Islands:

British-Virgin-IslandsOne of the famous places for the elopement wedding in Virgin Islands is the sandals which are opposite to the couples resort.

This place has a collection of 5 exclusive wedding themes and the features included in the themes are floral arrangements, menu, cake, place settings and other things.

The features in this package are 6 nights minimum accommodation is needed, bride’s bouquet, groom’s boutonniere, wedding consultant, wedding cake, officiant, small reception which allows four members to attend, and some help in preparing the documents for the ceremony.


Bahamas is the place which has over 700 islands with it. Couple who are looking for fun, sun can reach this place for their elopement marriage. Cable beach resorts and paradise islands resorts will be perfect for the elopement marriage. For this couples should arrive two days prior the ceremony, 6- days prior to the ceremony the legal documents has to be sent.

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