Cheap elopement packages

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Generally people will look for the luxurious and convenient elopement packages for their wedding. But there are also some people who look for cheap packages for their elopement wedding and will be very confused of what to choose. Here are some cheap elopement packages mentioned for the couples who are looking for it.

Edward Harris house bed and breakfast, New York:

the-main-innThe package which is offered in this resort for the elopement wedding is “the secret elopement package”. This package is about $ 595 if the wedding ceremony is held between Sunday to Thursday and it ranges about $ 695 if the ceremony is held on Friday and Saturday.

There is no need for the overnight stay for this package and if couples see this package then they will not have the feel to leave it. The ceremony will be getting over within one hour in which the package includes a non – denominational officiate to preside, bridal bouquet, wedding cake and non – alcoholic champagne.

There is also another package which is offered in this resort which ranges about $ 999 on the weekends for the ceremony. The ceremony will be held at 3 pm where you must check in at the time of 1 pm. A stay of one night is included in this package which can be made avail by the couples.

The notch land inn, New Hampshire:

The wedding ceremony here in this resort ranges from $ 700 in which tax is also included. The rate will be slightly high if the ceremony is held on Friday or Saturday night especially when it is at night time. The package include two night stay at the resort with breakfast for free and it also includes a five course wedding dinner, bottle of champagne and 24 photos which will be taken by the staff member of the resort.

The stone manor bed and breakfast, Virginia:

The package which is offered to the couples for their elopement wedding is essential intimate package. The package ranges from $ 750 during the week days and about $ 1000 during the weekends. Up to 12 guests can attend the wedding ceremony and the package includes two night accommodation in the resort, wedding breakfast, ceremony location which will be in the garden or at the stone manor hall which will be in front of the fire place.

Addison on Amelia Island, Florida:

the-addison-on-ameliaIntimate wedding package will be offered to the couples for their elopement wedding. The package ranges about $ 150 which is for the bride, groom and other 4 guest.

The package also includes officiate for the ceremony, wedding cake, location which will be at the courtyard or at the parlor.

After the ceremony gets over the bride and the groom can take photos and can enjoy their celebration. The rate of the package will be little higher when it is held on Friday and Saturday nights.

Other cheap elopement packages which can be opted by the people are

  • Tree house cottages, Arkansas
  • Wild wood inn, Colorado
  • MD resort, texas
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